(For +2 & Degree Classes)
1. Aims & Objectives :
a. To help in distress and organise welfare activities.
b. To recommend help to the needy and deserving students of the college.
2. Finance :
a. Each student of the College contributes an annual subscription of Rupees Four only towards the Guild Fund.
b. High officials and well-to-do public men are occasionally approached to make donations towards the Fund.
3. Management:
a. The principal as the ex-officio president controls the Fund of the Guild and accounts of receipt and disbursements are maintained in office.
b. There is an Executive Committee consisting of the following:
i. President-Principal (Ex-officio)
ii. Vice-President-Nominated by the Principal from among the members of teaching staff. He is in charge of the Guild.
iii. Two members of the teaching staff may be nominated by the Principal
iv. The Secretary for Degree student shall be elected from the Degree Students and Asst, Secretary from +3 1st yr. & II yr. Students. Similarly the +2 Secretary from +2 Students and Asst. Secretary from +2 1st Year Students.
v. One Class Representative is to be elected from each class the Arts, Science & Commerce sections of class being counted separtely.
c. The Executive Committee will recommend to the Principal of the College every year the names of the poor and deserving students who would receive a lump sum aid from the Fund.
d. Student members of the Executive committee shall not ordinarily be applicants for aid from this Fund.
The S.A.F. (The Students' Aid Fund) Aims:
To render assistance to the needy and deserving students of the College Finance:
Each student of the College contributes an annual subscription of Two rupees only towards the Fund.
Management :
The Principal as the ex-officio President controls the Fund. The accounts and the disbursements are maintained in the College office.