There are separate Associations Societies both for the +2 and Degree students.
1. College Union (+3 only)
2. Cultural Association / Society (+2 only)
3. Athletic Association / Society (+2 & +3)
4. Dramatic Association / Society (+2 & +3)
5. D.S.A (+2 & +3)
6. S.S.G. (+2 & +3)

1. Membership of various Associations/Societies is confined to the bonafide students of this College.
2. There shall be elections to the Executive Bodies of all Associations/ Societies meant for the +2 and Degree Students.
3. Expenses to be incurred for the conduct of Election shall be bome by All Associations/Societies/union in a manner decided upon by the Principal in consultation with the Advisor/ Associate Advisors

Elections to different Associations/Societies and Students' Union are conducted as per the following rules.

1. All bonafide students whose names are in the long roll are eligible to cast their votes. The Principal shall decide the criteria of the bonafide of the students.
2. Each eligible voter shall have the right to cast one vote for each post,
3. (a) A bonafide student, fulfilling the eligibility criteria can contest election. For the post of president, College Union, Gen. Secretary, College Union and Secretaries of all other society/Associations any student of +3 1st yr., I I yr. and III yr. classes can contest.
(b) For the post of Vice-Presdent, College Union and Asst. Secretaries of all other societies/Associations, only +3 1st yr. and I I yr students can contest.
(c) For the post of secretary, Cultural Association, any student of +2 1st yr. and I I yr. classes can contest.
(d) For the post of Asst. Secretaries of all otherAssociations only +2 1st yr. students can contest.
4. The Proposer, Seconder and the candidate contesting for the post of class representatives must belong to the same class.They must fulfill the criteria of bonafied students.
5. Students holding offices in.various societies, Associations shall cease to be office-bearers after their Test Examination results are published. In such cases, the Vice-President, College Union and Asst. Secretary shall assume charge of office on the date notified by the Principal for the purpose.
6. Election shall be conducted and votes recorded in a manner to be decided by the Principal.
7. Candidates getting the highest number of votes shall be declared elected.
8. In case of tie of votes, the decision shall be taken by lot or in a manner to be decided by the Principal.
9. Recounting of votes may be allowed by the Principal if he is satisfied in favour of a recounting only on the basis of the written application of the contesting candidates submitted within one hour of the publication of result and the case shall be considered if the
19. The candidate should in no event have any academic arrears in the year of contesting the election.
20. The candidate should have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by the CHSE/ University or 75% attendance whichever is higher.
21. The candidate shall have one opportunity to contest for the post of office bearer and two opportainties to contest for the post of an executive member.
22. The candidate shall not have a previous criminal record. That is to say he/ she should not have been tried and/ or convicted of any criminal offence or misdemeanour. The candidate shall also not have been subject any disciplinary action by the University authorities.

(N. B. : These rules may be changed from time to time as per the latest instructions/directions issued by the Govt.)

1. Election shall be held separately for +2 and Degree students on the same day or as decided by the Govt.
2. The Notification for Election shall be issued by the Principal atleast ten days before the actual date of election. (Both days are inclusive) or as decided by the Govt. of Orissa.
3. The Principal shall invite nominations in the prescribed Proforma for different offices. A student can file nomination for one office only. However, a candidate may be a proposer or seconder for any office other than the office he/she is contesting. A Board of Officers shall conduct scrutiny of nominations and the valid nomitations will be notified on the same day. A candidate seeking to withdraw from the election is permitted to do so through a written application to be given in person to the officer authorised for the purpose within the time to be specified by the Principal.
difference in votes is 5 or less and the candidate will deposit a non-refundable amount of Rs. 500/
10. For the purpose of identification of the students for election purpose ,valid/renewed Identity Cards issued by the College shall be insisted upon. Students not in possession of such Identity Cards shall not be allowed to enter the Polling Booths and cast their votes in the election. The students whose names are struck off due to non-payment of College dues will not be eligible to cast their votes.
11. If any student is guilty of misconduct, the Principal may debar him/her from contesting any post.
12. The candidature of any candidate is liable to be cancelled he/ she is guilty of breach of Election code of conduct notified by the Principal.
13. The same student cannot propose or second for more than one candidate for a post.
14. Every bonafide student should clear all dues decided as by Prinicipal before the date notified to them. for casting the vote.
15. One student can contest for only one post.
16. A student who does not have 75% attendance in the class can not contest for any post. No relaxation shall be obtained by producing medical certificate.
17. A student who has misappropriated the funds of student society in previous years of has been convicted by any court of law can not contest election for any office of the college Union/Society/ Associations. Besides, the candidates have to give an undertaking at the time of filing nominations to the effect that no criminal case is pending against him/ her on the date of filing the nominations.
18. Undergraduate students between the ages of 17 and 22 may contest elections and +2 students must have completed 15 years as on the date of filing the nomination.
4. All the nominations will be scrutinized by a board constituted by the Principal.
5. The final list of contesting candidates to different Offices/Posts shall be published at least two working days before the date of election or as decided by the Govt. of Orissa.
6. The contesting candidates may be given an opportunity of impressing upon their voters in the 'What I Stand for" meeting specially arranged by the Principal prior to the date of election.
7. There shall be no campaign after the "What I Stand tor" Meeting.
8. The students contesting for different Offices may display their banners/posters, etc. during the period of canvassing without disfiguring the College walls/ premises, failing which it will be viewed seriously by the authority and the candidate may be debarred from election.
9. Candidates or their Agents taking resort to violence in any form during the period of canvassing/conduct of elections will be seriously viewed upon and such actions may lead to disqualification of their candidature.
10. The contestants are restrained to speak against the authorities and their fellow-contestants during their delivery of speech in the "What I Stand for" meeting.

1. Election shall be as per the Notification issued by the Principal wherein the procedure of casting of votes/ counting of votes and final declaration of results etc., shall be clearly stipulated.
2. The Principal is the final authority in interpreting the aforesaid rules and procedures which shall be binding. The Principal retains the authority to suspend/defer/ abrogate election, if necessary.

The students are advised to take note of the following rules while filing nomination for the Offices, mentioned in Election Notice.
1. The office of the Vice-President (Student's Union) and all such offices of Asst. Secretaries (for +3 students) shall be contested only by +3 1st yr. & 2nd yr. students.
2. The Office of the Asst. General Secretary of +2 Cultural Association and for all such offices of Asst. Secretaries/Science/ Society/Commerce Society/ S.S.G/Boys & Girls' Common Room/ DSA shall be contested only by +2 1 stYr. Students.
3. All such candidates who wish to file nomination along with the proposers and seconders shall produce renewed identity cards during the nomination.
4. The nomination to such election duly proposed and seconded shall be submitted to the Officers in person to be appointed by the Principal for the purpose.
5. The formats of the prescribed nomination paper will be available in the Office of the Principal.
6. The Candidate/Proposer/Seconder must be bonafide students of the College.
7. No student can be a proposer or a seconder for more than one candidate for a post.
8. The spelling of the name of the Candidate/proposer/ seconder must be distinctly written in bold capital letters in the prescribed nomination form.
9. The post contested must be correctly written.
10. The spelling of name and signature must be same.
11. There shall be no overwriting/ deletion/distoration.
12. Under no circumstance the date and time fixed for the submission of nomination paper can be extended.
13. The scrutinizers/officers appointed by the Principal shall scrutinize the nomination papers.The candidates must be present always with their respective seconder and proposer during scrutiny.
14. The principal is the final authority in deciding the validity of nomination in case of any dispute.