All the students of this college will come under the proctorial system which envisages a personal and intimate relationship between teachers and students. The proctors will act as parent substitutes during the academic hours in the life of the students in college. A proctor will be in charge of not more than 32 students of a particular class. The proctor is the father confessor and the students must confess the details of their strength and weaknesses to the proctor, who in turn, will try to alleviate their sorrows or grievances or complaints by advice or by proper guidance.
1. To meet the students assigned to him in his proctorial group every fortnight irrespective of the period assigned.
2. To keep a record of all the details about a student's life, habits and aspirations.
3. To watch and guide the academic performance of the students of his proctorial group individually.
4. To visit, if possible, the homes or hostels of the students in his group from time to time.
5. To write from time to time to the parents of the students in his proctorial group about the student's academic progress, social dealings and achievements or otherwise.
6. To report all cases of indiscipline among the students of his assigned group to the Chief Proctor, who if he so likes, may take the matter to the Principle.
7. To recommend the cases of Scholarship / Rly concession / Bus concession / Leave of absence / Free studentship and anything a student wishes to communicate to the authority.
8. To sign all conduct certificates and send them to the Principal for counter signature.
9. To discover the potential of the student and to encourage its development.
10. To intimate parents/guardians for parents teacher meeting.
1. To attend all proctorial meetings failing which the parents / guardians will be informed.
2. To take the Proctor into confidence in all matters of life and study.
3. To supply all information in writing to the proctor whenever called for. To invite if possible the proctor to their homes and introduce the proctor to their parents.
4. To submit a report to the proctor about the benefits he derived from the proctorial system.