The National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) has been introduced in the College since 1983 to promote national consciousness and to inculcate a sense of social responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among the students.

  1. Specific objectives :
    1. To work among the people ;
    2. To engage in non-violent and constructive social activities .
    3. To enhance their knowledge about themselves and the community through a confrontation with reality;
    4. To put their scholarship to practical use in mitigating atleast some of the social problems.
    5. To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.
  2. Code of conduct for volunteers :
    1. A volunteer must work under the strict guidance of the Programme Officers and Group Leaders.
    2. He/she must abide by the rules and discipline of the camp.
    3. He/She must respect other's point of view and make himself/ herself worthy of the confidence of the community where he/ she is working.
    4. His/her dress, diet and manner should be as simple as possible during his/her work as a volunteer.
    5. It is part of his/her duty to promote N.S.S. objectives by practice and example in order to gain the trust and co-operation of the local people. Any deviation to the above on the part of a volunteer will be viewed seriously and may lead to the termination of his/her volunteership,
  3. N.S.S. Units in this College :There are three N.S.S. units in the college having strength of 150 students.(Two Boys unit and one girls unit)
  4. How to join in N.S.S.:- Students who desire voluntarily to join N.S.S. must apply in a plain paper, when a notice is served to this effect. Under the normal activities, the N.S.S. Volunteers are required to continue their activities through out the year in the College and in the adopted village on Sundays and holidays. Under the special camp programme, the students organise camps at different places during vacations and holidays.