(Separate for Boys & Girls)
The day-to-day affairs of the Students' Common Room will be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the following
1. a) President-Principal (Ex-Offcio)
b) Vice-President and Associate Vice-Presidents (of whom one should be a lady member of the teaching staff) to be nominated by the Principal.
c) A Secretary and an Assistant Secretary of whom the Assistant Secretary must belong to IstYear or 2nd year class Of +3 stream. They shall be elected by all students of +3 stream only according to rules that govern students' union election
d) One representative from each of the +3 classes (Arts, Science & Commerce) to be elected by the students of the same class.
e) A student of +2 stream and a girl student of the college to be nominated by the Principal, if he so likes.
2. The committee shall prepare the budget, organise indoor games and literary competitions for both +3 and +2 students.
3. The Vice-President shall remain in charge of purchase of indoor games articles and will supervise other expenditures incurred by the Secretary.
4. 10% of the fund is kept reserved for College Development Fund.
5. The Assistant Secretary will assume all rights and duties of the Secretary if the later ceases to function and/or is removed from his office as per rules.
6. The decision of the Principal is final in all matters relating to the Students' Common Room.
All Associations & Societies shall contribute 1 10% of the Collections of an academic session towards the expenditure of the annual election.