1. Finance Committee :
The finance committee consists of the Principal and four members of teaching staff. It prepares Annual Budget, Scrutinises budget expenditure and is responsible for utilization of Govt. and U.G.C. grants.

2. Admission Committee :
The Admission committee consists of the Principal as the chairperson and six members of teaching staff. It formulates guidelines for admission of students into different classes in conformity with rules and guidelines provided by the Govt. from time to time and perform al utters relating to admission.

3. Examination Committee :
The examination committee consists of the I'riricipal and four members of teaching staff. It conducts college examinations, make necessary arrangements for valuation of answer scripts and declaration of results. It also facilitates the conduct of CHSE and University Exams.

4. Purchase Committee :
The purchase committee consists of the Principal, Accounts Bursar, Administrative Bursar, prof. in charge of UGC and three other members of teaching staff. It places orders for purchase of different items of the college after proper scrutiny of quotations, etc.

5. Grievances Redressal Cell:
One for boys having two teaching staff and the other for girls having two lady teacher staff members looks into the grievances of the staff and students and suggests redressal measures to the Principal.

6. Infrastructure Development Committee :
It consists of the Principal and seven members of the teaching staff. It looks into the construction and maintenance of the college building and premises from the college fund.

7. Advisory Board to Library :
Librarian and five other teaching staff members. It supervises the general functioning of the library and its staff and it suggests selection and purchase of books.

8. Research Committee :
It consists of the Principal and four other members of the teaching staff with head of the respective departments. It scrutinies proposals of Research Project and provides information on research facilities.

9. Quality Improvement Cell :
It consists of the Principal and other five faculty members, one member of the G.B. and two members from academicians of the locality. It plans out different quality measures in respect of teaching, learning and evaluation.

10. Anti ragging squad (girls) :
The cell to protect women against sexual harassment consists of the chairman from among the women faculty members and the other women faculty member as associate member. This committee prevents the sexual harassment of girl students and women staff.

11. Career Counseling and Placement Cell :
Career counseling and placement cell consists of a co-ordinator designated as placement officer and five other members of the faculty under the chairmanship of the Principal. The cell looks into the career counseling and placement of the students.