1. All office orders, decisions and instructions are given on the college notice board placed at different points in the college premises. Every student should see the Notice Board to obtain the necessary information. Ignorance of a student due to negligence will not be accepted as an excuse.
  2. No student should remove any notice from the board which will prevent his fellow students from getting the required information. Removal of notice is a serious offence
  3. If clarification or elaboration of any information given on the Notice Board is required, the student may contact the Administrative Bursar for detailed information.
  4. Every student should go through the College Calendar for his own interest.
  5. No student is allowed to affix private notice on the College Notice Board without permission of the Principal.
  6. Students should not spit on the walls, floors, pillars or doors of the college building, nor should they disfigure college walls and garden in any manner.
  7. Students must not tamper with or damage the college electric fittings, furniture, laboratory fittings, apparatus, library books, journals, newspapers, etc.
  8. In case of any damage to the college property, the cost of the damaged article along with the fine shall be realised from the concerned student.
  9. Students are required to keep their bicycles under proper lock and key in the cycle shed provided for the purpose in order to avoid theft. Bicycle should under no circumstances be kept under porticos or in the verandahs in front of class rooms.
  10. Students are forbidden from playing on mikes and loud speakers inside the college premises without specific written permission from the Principal.
  11. Frequent movement of the students in the corridors and making cat calls and other disturbance when classes are in progress are strictly prohibited. The college authorities give utmost importance to discipline. So, students are forbidden from creating any sort of commotion inside the campus which will be viewed very seriously.
  12. Every student should bring his college identity card with him.
  13. In addition to the acts of breach of discipline as mentioned in Orissa Education Code, smoking and chewing pan inside the college premises are strictly prohibited.


  1. The examinees of the University Exams are required to abide by all the rules set by those bodies as well as the rules framed by the Centre Superintendent.
  2. Malpractice in any form is now a cognizable offence under the Orissa Conduct of Examination Act, 1988. In addition to the reporting of the malpractices to the University, the examinees indulging in malpractices may be criminally tiroceded under this Act, byway of F.I.R. in the local police station.


  1. Guardians of the students may meet the Principal, the Proctors and enquire about the welfare and progress of their wards.They are also requested to meet the Principal when advised to do so.
  2. Reports regarding the undesirable activities of the students may be sent to the guardians from time to time for their information.
  3. A Guardian's cell operates under the supervision of a senior teaching member nominated by the Principal to ensure a continuing rapport between the staff and guardians.

College Uniform
College uniform is mandatory for the Students. For Boys : Full Pant - Deep Coffee Colour
Full Shirt - Fluorescent Green
For Girls : Chudidar and Chunni - Deep Coffee Colour Punjabi - Fluorescent Green