(For +2 and Degree Classes)
1. An Athletic Society for Degree classes and Athletic Association for +2 classes will be formed separately.
2. The functions of the Society / Association shall be to provide facilities to the students in different games, to organise annual sports meet and to conduct such other activities relating to the physical education as shall be decided by the executive and approved by the Princlpal
3. The Executive Committee of the Society/Association shall consist of :
i. Principal as the President (ex-officio)
ii. One Vice-President to be nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.
iii. Physical Education Teacher
iv. Secretary (One each) from +2 and Degree classes) separately.
v. Assistant Secretary (One each from +2 and Degree classes) separately.
vi. One Class Representative from each class.
vii. Two Girl Representative to be nominated by the Principal.
4. Election to the posts of Secretary, Asst. Secretary-shall take place at such time and in such manner as the Principal shall decide.
5. The Vice-President and the Asst. Secretary of the previous session shall carry on activities of the following session till the elections are held. (Applicable to +2)
6. Functions of the Executive Committee :
i. To prepare the budget for the session
ii. To organise games and athletics.
7. The functions of the Vice-President shall be :
i. To remain in charge of accounts and all correspondences connected with the Association including placing of orders for sports items.
ii. To supervise all games and sports The Secretary shall ;
i. Convene all meetings with at least forty-eight hours prior notice mentioning the date, time and venue.
ii. Prepare the Annual Report on consultation with the Vice-President.
iii. Conduct correspondence assigned to him by the Vice-President.
9. The Asst. Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties and perform all his duties in his absence.
10. The Physical Education Teacher shall:
i. Enter all the invoices in the stock book
ii. Remain incharge of the sports goods
iii. Do any other work relating to sports and games as shall be assigned to him by the Vice-President.
11. No students of the College can play in the teams other than that of the College without prior permission of the Principal.
12. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the Society/Association.